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The Raiffeisen Banking Group Austria is the country’s largest banking group with the densest network of banks. Almost every other Austrian is a client of one of the more than 400 independent Raiffeisen banks, one of the eight Raiffeisen Regional Banks or Raiffeisen Bank International.

Around 1.7 million Austrians are members and thus co-owners of Raiffeisen banks. Being a universal banking group, Raiffeisen offers its clients a comprehensive bancassurance scheme.


All services under one roof

Due to the close interconnection between the three levels mentioned and the specialised affiliated and associated companies of Raiffeisen, all Austrian Raiffeisen banks can meet the individual needs of all customer groups and deliver all bancassurance services “under one roof”.

The bancassurance offer of the Raiffeisen Banking Group also includes financial services of specialised Raiffeisen companies, for example of the securities fund company Raiffeisen Capital Management, Raiffeisen Insurance, Raiffeisen Leasing or Raiffeisen Building Society, which belong to the market leaders in Austria.


The three-tier structure

The Raiffeisen Banking group has a three-tier structure. The three tiers operate according to the principle of subsidiarity and each layer addresses a different target group. The clients of the local Raiffeisen banks are private persons, freelancers and small and medium-sized enterprises. The Raiffeisen Regional Banks, in German "Raiffeisen Landesbanken", address the middle-market sector and also corporate customers.

The stock-listed Raiffeisen Bank International is the central institution of the Raiffeisen Banking Group Austria and focuses in Austria on the commercial banking and investment banking business. It renders services to the country’s 1,000 top companies In Central and Eastern Europe Raiffeisen Bank International has the biggest network of an Austrian bank.


Values in today’s world

Security, a regional focus and sustainable operations are the traditional values that have influenced Raiffeisen Austria for 130 years. Raiffeisen has always been able to successfully give these traditional values a contemporary interpretation.

The common symbol that connects all activities of the Raiffeisen Group is the Gable Cross. Originally, the Gable Cross was the Germanic symbol for a guarded house and in the past, people used to attach it to the house gable in order to protect the inhabitants from all manner of danger.

The Raiffeisen organisation chose this protective sign as its symbol, as its members protect themselves from economic risks by forming a cooperative.


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