Major Contacts

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Raiffeisenlandesbank Niederösterreich-Wien AG

Tel: +43-5-1700+Ext.
Fax: +43-5-17008+Ext.

Visiting Address: F.-W.-Raiffeisen-Platz 1, A-1020 Vienna

Major Contacts
Public Relations  
Michaela Stefan, Head of Department Ext. 2419
Katharina Wallner, Manager Ext. 93005
International Division  
Felix Mayr, Head of Division
Ext. 92228
Financial Institutions, Syndications and International Desk   
Florian Hehenfelder, Head of Department Ext. 92495
Natalia Hansmann, Manager Ext. 92855
Marika Miklis, Senior Manager Ext. 93308
Bernhard Steiner, Manager Syndications Ext. 92274
Christiane Tauschitz, Senior Manager Ext. 93544
Nadja Watti, Senior Manager Ext. 92426
International Corporate Clients  
Sigrid Regner, Head of International Corporate Clients Ext. 92214
L/C, Guarantees and Trade Finance  
Irene Kammerhofer, Head of Department Ext. 92157
Export & Foreign Direct Investment Finance  
Alfred Götsch, Head of Department Ext. 92359
Country & Bank Analysis  
Julia Muhr, Head of Country & Bank Analysis Ext. 92957
Treasury Fixed Income Management  
Jochen Bonk, Head of Department
Ext. 95495
Consulting & Sales  
Peter Karlik, Head of Department
Ext. 95440
Capital Markets  
Christian Schaefer, Head of Department
Ext. 92437
Treasury Liquidity Management  
Michael Handl, Head of Department Ext. 95591
Product Management Division  
Christoph Rosendorfer, Head Processes & Systems
Ext. 95187